'Super Saturday' vax day aimed at getting vaccination rates up

By Te Ao - Māori News

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins wants to channel New Zealanders' energy into a final big push to get everyone vaccinated.

He is launching a 'Super Saturday' as a " national "day of action for vaccination" on Saturday, October 16.

"New Zealanders have consistently shown they're willing to pitch in as part of the team of five million and help us confront the challenge of Covid-19 head-on," he says. "We need to channel that energy into a final big push to get New Zealanders vaccinated."

On Vax Day, vaccine clinics will be open throughout Aotearoa all day into the evening. 

"A bit like on election day, we'll be asking all of our civic and political leaders to contribute to a big effort to turn people out."

With half of the eligible population in the country fully vaccinated and more than 80 per cent with at least one dose, the government wants to reach the remaining 20 per cent who have not yet received one dose. 

Hipkins says the government will release maps tomorrow that show where the highest concentrations of unvaccinated people are, by suburb.

"This will be helping our local iwi, who have been pushing for this, our local communities and our local MPs to work together to mobilise their communities. 

"Super Saturday will be an opportunity to put aside all our political differences just for 24 hours and work together for a cause that we all support."

The National Party has already shown its support in a tweet today.

A webpage will go live this afternoon with key info on the day and how people, including the business community, the media and community groups, can get involved. 

"We want to leave no stone unturned. No one should be left behind because they haven't had the support that they need to make an informed choice about vaccination."