Support services called in to assist Havelock North whānau

By Aroha Mane

One of the country's worst gastro outbreaks in Havelock North has seen local emergency services offering door-to-door welfare to help as many as they can cope with the illness.

Volunteers have hit the streets, helping a community that has been hit with a severe gastro bug. Tasked with offering supplies, advice and support to some of the most vulnerable in the area.

An estimated 5000 affected homes here in Havelock North, a big job for these guys offering support.

Alison Banks from Hastings District Council says, “We may not get to every single door in this community but we are using other mechanisms so we're contacting 700 of our elderly community by phone.”

Havelock North has been hit with a stomach bug after campylobacter was found in the town water supply, causing thousands to be ill and schools shut down.

Banks says, “The community has come together really well on this and are supporting one another and that's what we're asking, look out for your neighbours.”

The Hawke's Bay DHB says that it is continuing to see a decline in the number of reported cases.