Supporters of remote Aboriginal communities prepare to march on Parliament in Perth

Nyoongar Tent Embassy in Perth

Protests against the closure of remote Aboriginal communities continue in Western Australia.

The Nyoongar Tent Embassy has circulated a call for support to participate in a march tomorrow to Parliament House in Perth in an effort to have their concerns heard and addressed by the government.

According to the event page circulating on social media over 600 people are attending the event so far.

The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett announced last year that the State would no longer provide funding for over 100 remote Aboriginal communities which was supported by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Earlier this week the Australian Prime Minister was in New Zealand and faced criticism from the Māori Party and a number of other politicians as well as supporters of the Aboriginal communities over the apparent refusal of his government to acknowledge the call of the indigenous people of his country

In an open letter to Tony Abbott the Māori Party claimed that Abbott’s actions were reintroducing “flawed policies of the past and will result in the loss of basic  human rights such as access to clean water and the right to choose where to live.”

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key has also remained tight lipped on the issue refusing to comment, saying it is an issue for the Australian government to address.

For more information on the march set to take place tomorrow please visit the Facebook page.