Surprises in store from General Fiyah at One Love

By Jessica Tyson

People heading along to One Love this weekend are in for a treat with 11-year-old General Fiyah, ready to wow the stage.

“I hope you guys show up coz it’s gonna be a blast,” says General.

This weekend will be his third time hitting the stage at One Love with New Zealand reggae band Three Houses Down.

“I think my favourite part performing last year was my single and how we did the little solo dance, the juju on the beat.”

He says he has some surprises in store for the audience this year.

“I’ll be singing Candy Girl, my singles and I think that’s all I can say,” he told Te Kāea.

General Fiyah, from South Auckland, gained international recognition when he featured on Three Houses Down’s smash hit Love and Affection last year. He has also become more popular since releasing his newest hit song Here to Stay.

General Fiyah released Here to Stay late 2017. Source: Three Houses Down. Youtube

General says being able to get attention as a young, famous person is "fun".

“You get all the attention of your classmates and sometimes, at my old school, there were girls that always ask for photos.”

His uncle Charlie, who is a member of Three Houses Down says having General as part of the band has lifted to the group to the next level.

“Our vision here was to pathway the young generation to the music industry for them to take the batten and take it to another level.”

Charlie says they are working on General’s third single Crazy Cruel.

“But the work doesn’t stop for him,” says Charlie.

“We’re trying to make the most of this voice while it’s still young and fresh. We are working on his EP at the moment so we’ll release that next year some time.”

General says if he keeps singing high songs his voice will continue to be great.

“I just hope my voice doesn’t go low like Charlie’s.”