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  1. Occupation: Native

    Getting all historical, Aboriginal filmmaker Trisha Morton-Thomas bites back at Australian history.  Bite-sized stories from European arrival to federation, from the expansion of Australia across the states to today.

  2. Video for "They are still squatting on our lands" - Aboriginal reaction to Cook

    "They are still squatting on our lands"- Aboriginal reaction to Cook

    Indigenous Australians, unsurprisingly, are not welcoming a AUD$50mil federal government-funded memorial to Captain Cook or the AUD$7mil circumnavigation of their country by a replica of the Endeavour.

  3. News

    Non-indigenous company profiting from Aboriginal flag sparks controversy

    Indigenous Australians are hot under the collar about a non-indigenous company profiting from a flag that's become a much-loved symbol of Aboriginal identity.

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    Pregnant Aboriginal woman's strip search and lock up 'appalling'

    The arrest, strip search and lock up of a pregnant Aboriginal alleged survivor of domestic violence has Western Australian authorities appalled and the young mother in tears.

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    Indigenous Australians minister, at last Aboriginal

    An indigenous Australian is Minister of Indigenous Australians for the first time in the country's history.

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    Cody Walker to make anthem statement at Origin

    Aboriginal rugby league star Cody Walker will once again refuse to sing the Australian national anthem, this time during his State of Origin debut match for New South Wales next week in Brisbane.

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    Indigenous Australians can't be deported as "aliens"- Lawyers

    Australia's highest court is set to decide whether two indigenous Australian men can be deported from their tūrangawaewae for breaching Australia's "good character" visa laws. 

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    Mass ANZAC haka and corroboree to be performed in Perth

    More than 100 Māori and Aboriginal performers are set to perform the haka and the corroboree in Perth tomorrow to pay tribute to ANZAC soldiers.  The haka will pay tribute to the ANZAC soldiers and address mental health among indigenous men.

  9. Video for "Much further to go" on Aboriginal rights - Hugh Jackman

    "Much further to go" on Aboriginal rights- Hugh Jackman

    Australian actor Hugh Jackman has given his views on whether or not enough work is being done to celebrate and nurture Aboriginal people and culture.

  10. Video for "Invasion Day" rallies call for alternative Australia Day date

    "Invasion Day" rallies call for alternative Australia Day date

    Australians have marked the day of the first arrival of settlers and convict to Sydney Cove in 1788.  Meanwhile, protests or "Invasion Day" rallies were held elsewhere in the country.

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