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    Indigenous leaders fear race attacks amid Aus' NT tensions

    Aboriginal leaders in Australia’s Northern Territory say they’re fearful tensions related to surging crime could boil over in the form of vigilante attacks, and that they’re being ignored in resourcing to fix the problem.

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    'Stop pretending this isn't about money'- Rangatira demand alcohol reforms

    After centuries of what they say are failed policies, marae, hapū, iwi and community leaders are calling for reform of alcohol laws.

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    Māori voice missing in alcohol reforms- Researcher

    Māori academics and hauora organisations are calling for greater consultation as the government looks to rejig alcohol laws

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    'lively and loved': Kōtiro suicide linked to alcohol

    Enilose Wanita Mounga had a bright future ahead of her.

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    Cartoons on vodka dropped after complaints

    The makers of a pre-mixed alcoholic drink will change the packaging after complaints it looked too much like a children's cartoon book.

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    Eighth-time drink driver warned, next time is jail

    A recidivist drink driver is on the highway to jail after notching up his eighth conviction for getting behind the wheel while under the influence – despite claiming to have only had one beer at the time of his latest crime.

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    'Strip every pokie joint out of Auckland'- mayoral candidate

    Mayoral candidates say the number of liquor outlets in south Auckland is an issue but disagree about how to tackle it.

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    Delivery of divorce papers forced drink driving, man claims

    The end of Evan Wallace's marriage, which he said drove him to his fifth drink-drive offence, was also the catalyst for what a court heard is the start of life-changing healing.

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    Dry July supporter Ninakaye Taane-Tinorau raises money for cancer-affected whānau

    By Kahumako Rameka, Te Rito journalism cadet.

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    50-year-old denied buying 0% booze because shopping with 16-year-old daughter

    A 50-year-old man is "bemused" at being unable to buy zero-alcohol beer from an Auckland supermarket because he was with his 16-year-old daughter.

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