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    200m high Kaipara wind farm a step closer

    New Zealand energy generator Mercury's $200 million Kaiwaikawe Wind Farm has moved a step closer after Kaipara District Council's (KDC) lukewarm approval for high voltage overhead power lines along part of its major new Northland tourist rail trail.

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    Poll-spooked Labour puts more pūtea in pockets in 'global energy crisis'

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand is caught up in a global energy crisis.

  3. Video for Rubbish is a path to clean energy - John Tamihere

    Rubbish is a path to clean energy- John Tamihere

    Banning oil, gas and mineral exploration, along with a $1 billion clean energy fund form the core of the Māori Party climate change plan.

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    Greens' new clean energy plan aims to 'flick switch' off fossil fuels

    The Green Party wants the price of solar panels cut in half through household grants.

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