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    Rawiri McKree-Jansen keen to clear hospitals' waiting lists

    By September a new task force will have a plan ready to clear the backlog in public hospital waiting lists, impacted by Covid-19 and including equity for Māori and Pacific populations, one of its m

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    Release prisoners amid Covid surge- Māori Pandemic Group

    Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā, the National Māori Pandemic Group is urging the government consider releasing prisoners early.

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    Willie Jackson: Could we have done better?

    Māori Development Minister Willy Jackson is annoyed at criticism that the government Covid-19 strategy has failed Māori.

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    ‘Oh, heck no!’ Government denies 'failure' of Māori vaccine rollout

    The government has defended itself against claims the Māori Covid-19 vaccination rollout has been a failure.

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