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    Chinese trade deal contradicts NZ govt recycling plans

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admits that her Government has a contradictory approach to reducing plastic waste. When asked if the Otakiri deal goes against the governments vision, the PM responded: “Actually, I do.”

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    Mahuta responds to local election law controversies

    Local government minister Nanaia Mahuta issued a press statement about her plans to tackle the local election laws that saw a councillor lose her seat, after being sworn in. The Murupara-Galatea ward election this October ended with veteran broadcaster Hinerangi Goodman and incumbent Alison Silcock being tied. The tie was settled, as per the current laws, by pulling the winner's name out of a hat. Goodman was then declared the winner.

  3. Video for Hinerangi Goodman will return to challenge 2022 mayoral race

    Hinerangi Goodman will return to challenge 2022 mayoral race

    Hinerangi Goodman has decided to ‘concede and bow out’ from her court proceedings against the Whakatāne District Council. The former Māori journalist also confirmed she will run again in 2022 to challenge for the mayoral position.

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    Former council candidate taking legal action to reclaim seat

    Māori journalist Hinerangi Goodman is pushing to reclaim her seat on council by asking the public to help fund her legal fees through Givealittle. The former candidate for the Murupara/Galatea ward claims her spot was unfairly contested after her name was drawn out of a hat and then sworn in.

  5. Video for Minister for Local Government - “I need to look at the legislation to correct this issue”

    Minister for Local Government- “I need to look at the legislation to correct this issue”

    Minister for Local Government Nanaia Mahuta says, a recount after a member is officially elected onto council is “concerning”. This comes after Councillor Alison Silcock was controversially reinstated as the councilor for the Murupara-Galatea ward, after a recount had her one vote ahead of former broadcaster Hinerangi Goodman. 

  6. Video for Former journalist feels stabbed in the back by election recount

    Former journalist feels stabbed in the back by election recount

    A veteran Māori Journalist was reduced to tears after her controversial victory to a local body position has been challenged by the person she beat. 

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    Councilor Toi Iti refuses to 'be that token Māori at the table'

    Toi Iti, son of the famous Tūhoe Activist Tame Iti doesn’t want to end up being the ‘token Māori’ after he was sworn into the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.    

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    Whakatāne election tie to be decided by hat draw

    The Galatea-Murupara ward of the Whakatane District Council election race is still ongoing and in doubt despite the release of the official election results. Two candidates have drawn an equal amount of votes both Hinerangi Goodman and Alison Silcock received 262 votes each in the final and official election results count.

  9. Video for Different boards, same problem - All lack diversity

    Different boards, same problem- All lack diversity

    Local bodies do not reflect the cultural diversity of the communities they represent, several local body leaders and candidates have told Te Ao with Moana.  

  10. Video for Gone no address - voting packs returned to sender

    Gone no address- voting packs returned to sender

    Thousands of people stand to miss out on voting in upcoming local elections after their enrolment update packs were returned marked "gone no address".

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