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    Funding helps Otago uni student to bridge mātauranga Māori and western healthcare

    Nineteen researchers and students from the University of Otago have been awarded $3.8 million as part of the latest Health Researcher’s Council’s Development Awards.

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    Integrating science and matauranga Māori- Dan Hikuroa

    Dr Daniel (Dan) Hikuroa appears regularly in the media, commenting on how a blend of science and mātauranga Māori can help New Zealand overcome the most important ecological challenges.

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    Government appoints chief advisor of Māori New Year

    Professor Rangi Mātāmua has a new role as the chief advisor to the government on Matariki.

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    Pūhoro Academy launches in Northland

    A university academy promoting young Māori into science celebrated its launch into Northland.

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    'Sandman' showcases collaborative live-art experience of te ao Māori

    Ngā Tohu o te Taiao is a thought-provoking live art experience that weaves together stories of kōanga and maramataka through various mediums including pūrākau, pūoro, and even onepū or sand.

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    Kaupapa Māori rites of passage programme turning tama into tāne

    A Raglan-based organisation is revitalising the ‘Rites of Passage’ practice in its community - in a te ao Māori way.

  7. Video for Mātauranga woven into STEM education and workplaces for rangatahi

    Mātauranga woven into STEM education and workplaces for rangatahi

    Less than two per cent of the scientific workforce is made up of Māori workers and secondary education data is showing Māori and Pacific youth are more likely to be streamed out of science educatio

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    'Wokeism': Australia TV host, panel slam mātauranga Māori

    Sky News Australia host Rowan Dean has just come rather late to the party over the controversy over mātauranga Māori being included in academic science.

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    Professors unlock access to higher-knowledge platform

    Professor Sandy Morrison says her recent promotion to full professor provides her access to a platform of academia that allows her to better help Māori and indigenous knowledge.

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