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    'Not justified' High Court slams MIQ lottery

    A group of New Zealanders who found themselves stranded overseas and battling for a place in an overloaded MIQ system have succeeded in their case against the government.

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    MIQ closure: Only four hotels left by end of June

    The government's managed isolation and quarantine system is beginning to scale down its operations as New Zealand's borders reopen and, by the end of June, just four managed isolation facilities wi

  4. Video for Border restrictions scrapped for fully vaccinated returnees

    Border restrictions scrapped for fully vaccinated returnees

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the changes to the border restrictions this afternoon, which means from midnight Wednesday fully vaccinated New Zealanders can return from Australia without

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    MIQ axed, borders to reopen for Kiwis

    The Prime Minister will announce borders will be opened and MIQ axed for Kiwis returning from Australia from the end of this month, and from the rest of the world from mid-March.

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    League star joins chorus of Kiwis wanting open borders

    Rugby league legend Shaun Johnson is joining a growing number of Kiwis calling on the Prime Minister to open the border.

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    Emergency MIQ spots for Kiwis stuck in Australia facing 'significant and severe hardship'

    Kiwis stuck in Australia will soon be able to apply for emergency spots in MIQ if they face "significant and severe hardship" not returning to NZ in the next two months.

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    Ombudsman to probe MIQ booking system

    It comes after hundreds of complaints about the system have been received. 

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