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  1. Video for Māori Chancellor keen to expand Māori economy

    Māori Chancellor keen to expand Māori economy

    The first ever Māori Chancellor of Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa is keen to expand the potential in the Māori economy.  Michael Ahie (Taranaki, Ngā Ruahine, Ngāti Ruanui) believes the university, with its expertise in the agri-food and business sectors, is well placed to empower Māori through education.

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    Massey University welcomes first ever Maōri Chancellor Michael Ahie

    The new Chancellor of Massey University, Michael Ahie (Taranaki, Ngā Ruahine, Ngāti Ruanui) has been welcomed onto the Manawatū campus.

  3. Video for Māori researcher seeks to understand 'surf rage'

    Māori researcher seeks to understand 'surf rage'

    A Māori Massey University researcher is looking to find out why some surfers erupt into what’s called ‘surf rage’ and what can be done about it.

  4. Video for Survey reveals Wāhine spending habits

    Survey reveals Wāhine spending habits

    Massey University financial director Dr Pushpa Wood has published a report on the spending habits of Māori women. She says a cultural responsive community model could be one way to improve their financial literacy. 

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    2016 Māori Book Awards finalists announced

    A wide range of books have been named as finalists in Massey University's Ngā Kupu Ora Awards: Celebrating Māori Books and Journalism.

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    Massey University major sponsor of Ngāpuhi Festival

    Massey University has signed up as a major sponsor of the Ngāpuhi Festival this weekend. The new deal means the University will sponsor the main stage of the biennial festival. 

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    Massey University to launch first Māori science academy

    Massey University is to launch the first science academy of its kind next year with the help of Māori Aerospace Engineer Mana Vautier.

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    Student loan cap extended from 7 to 8 years

    The cap for the number of years undergraduate students are eligible for loans has been lifted, an important win for New Zealand students.

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    Surge in number of Māori PhD graduates at Massey University

    There has been a surge in the number of Māori PhD graduates at this year's November graduation for Massey University.

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    Research provides new insight into Māori university graduates

    New research shows that almost half of recent Māori university graduates were the first in their families to attend university, one third are parents and 70% are female.

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