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    Building students' resilience by using traditional Māori weaponry art form

    Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Bernard Fergusson is one of five schools that takes part in traditional Māori weaponry taught by the Te Rākau Hūmārie collective and teacher Waru Roberts says he sees distin

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    Mau Rākau curriculum spreads nationwide

    By Kahumako Rameka, Te Rito journalism cadet.  A traditional practice is finally being introduced into the school curriculum.

  3. Video for Kairākau II, Episode 6

    Kairākau II, Episode 6

    (MCV) Ruamahu settles the score as the battle at Pukekaikāhu erupts. Mokonuiārangi must choose between securing peace for his people or all out war.

  4. Video for Kairākau II, Episode 5

    Kairākau II, Episode 5

    (MCV) Te Purewa declares war while Ruamahu is consumed by revenge. Te Huru’s loyalty is questioned and Tionga is lured into a trap.

  5. Video for Kairākau II, Episode 4

    Kairākau II, Episode 4

    (MCV) A grief stricken Te Ramaapakura ventures into unknown territory. Tionga faces the loss of one of his own while Te Purewa waits for the signal of war from Te Rehu o Tainui.

  6. Video for Kairākau II, Episode 3

    Kairākau II, Episode 3

    Language, Violence and Sexual Material.

  7. Video for Kairākau II, Episode 2

    Kairākau II, Episode 2

    (MCV) An unwelcome stranger crosses a tribal boundary forcing Ngāti Rangitihi Chief Tionga to react with caution to a possible alliance between bordering tribes.

  8. Video for Kairākau II, Episode 1

    Kairākau II, Episode 1

    (MCV) Early 20th Century Aotearoa, land and resources are scarce.

  9. Video for Ariki, Episode 13

    Ariki, Episode 13

    Rangatahi teams battle it out in an indigenous martial arts competition.Today: The grand finale – will Ngā Niho Tipua o Kahukura be able to keep the pressure on Ngā Hua o Tū?


    And then there were two! After 13 weeks of intense and enthralling competition, it’s north against south as two teams of young Māori men and women face off in the grand finale of Māori Television’s indigenous martial arts competition, ARIKI, screening on Tuesday 7 December 2021 at 4.00 PM – on Māori Television.

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