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    South Island waters heat up, torrential downpours on the way

    Severe marine heatwaves are poised to hit the bottom of the South Island in the first week of the new year.

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    Staying safe in NZ's waters over summer

    Story by Whakaata Māori videographer Nick Winter. Despite the recent wet weather, summer is here, meaning the busy season begins for surf lifesavers.

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    Te Arawa to help Rarotonga tackle starfish outbreak harming reefs

    A project that could see Te Arawa helping Rarotonga with a starfish outbreak jeopardising its coral reef, has just been given a financial boost by Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust.

  4. The Pacific- The Deep

    We plunge to the murky depths of the Pacific to meet the big eyed, toothy, and transparent residents of the abyss.

  5. The Pacific- The Coasts

    We head for the cliffs, beaches and headlands of the Pacific’s coasts, fill up on a shellfish buffet with bears, and follow salmon inland on their yearly migration to spawn.

  6. The Pacific- The Shallows

    In the vast expanse of open ocean that is home to giant animals who navigate thousands of miles between places to feed and places to raise their young. 

  7. The Pacific- The High Seas

    The Pacific, our biggest ocean - 60 million square miles of water.  Stretching all the way from the USA in the east to Australia in the west it covers almost half our world. 

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    Me hanga tangata hukapapa? Frozen Reo Māori auditions are open

    Hot on the heels of Lion King Reo Māori, the team at Matewā Media is on the lookout for voices to give another iconic Disney film a Reo Māori twist.

  9. Video for Te Waiora, Episode 4

    Te Waiora, Episode 4

    Mini series exploring the deep connection that Māori have with water. Today: Mika Tawhara turned to the waka to help her heal After a traumatic brain injury left her struggling to speak.

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