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    Covid-19: Case numbers under 10,000 over past two days

    Over the past two days during Queen’s Birthday Weekend, the Ministry of Health has reported over 10,000 new cases and 14 Covid-related deaths.

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    New Covid case numbers 'drop' as whānau take Queen's Birthday break

    There are 4,400 new community cases today, down on Saturday's 6,291, likely due to the holiday weekend. 

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    6,291 new Covid cases as Queen's Birthday weekend begins

    As whānau get away and relax for the long weekend, the Health Ministry is reminding people to have a plan if they contract Covid-19 or are a household contact of a case.

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    Aotearoa records 1210 Covid-19-caused deaths so far

    The Ministry of Health has reported 6,232 new cases and 14 deaths in today's 1pm Covid update, as New Zealanders prepare for the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

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    Second Omicron wave predicted; 13 more deaths- MoH

    There are 7870 new Covid-19 community cases today.

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    Covid-19: 8,182 cases, 13 deaths

    The Ministry of Health is reporting 8,182 new cases and 13 Covid-19 related deaths today.

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    Covid-19: Cases increase again, 18 deaths

    The Ministry of Health is reporting 8,436 new community cases and 18 Covid-related deaths on the last day of May.

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    Covid-19: Five deaths, 10 in ICU

    The Ministry of Health is reporting 5,863 new community cases and five Covid-19 related deaths today.

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    Fall in new Covid cases as nine deaths reported

    The Health Ministry is reporting 4,841 new community cases today, a decrease from Saturday's 6,369 cases.

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    6,369 new Covid cases; 13 deaths

    The Health Ministry is reporting  6,369 new community cases of Covid-19 today. There are currently 48,452 active cases in the community.

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