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    Summer nearly here along with third wave of Covid-19

    Summer is nearly here in Aotearoa, and a third wave of the coronavirus may be on its way as well.

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    3,302 new cases, as total active cases fall

    There are 3,302 new Covid cases and 467 hospitalisations on Saturday, including seven people in intensive care.

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    2,618 new Covid cases, lowest since February

    There are 2,618 new community cases and 557 people currently in hospital with Covid-19 today. This is the lowest number of community cases since late February this year.

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    Covid: Downward trend in cases continues

    There are 3,650 new Covid cases and 546 hospitalisations today as the number of infections continues to fall.

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    Covid cases and hospitalisations down on previous days

    Covid cases continue to fall as the Health Ministry reports 3,302 new community cases and 606 hospitalisations on Sunday, including 16 people in intensive care.

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    Covid case numbers continue to fall

    There are 4,790 new community cases and 648 current hospitalisations for Covid-19 today, including 19 people in intensive care.

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    6,232 new cases, 769 hospitalisations

    There are 6,232 new cases and 769 hospitalisations today, including 18 people in intensive care.

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    7,746 cases; Two in 50s among latest Covid deaths

    There are 7,746 new Covid cases and 759 hospitalisations today, including 19 people in intensive care.

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    6,223 new cases; two people in 40s among latest Covid deaths

    There are 6,223 new community cases and 733 hospitalisations today, including 16 people in intensive care.

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    9,241 new cases and 29 further deaths as hospitalisations increase

    Covid cases and hospitalisations continue to rise with 9,241 new community cases and 761 hospitalisations today, including 15 people in intensive care.

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