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    A slave to drugs- till drug court took her out of jail

    The year was 2016, and Hill woke up to three police officers standing in her bedroom yelling her last name. “Come on, get up. You’re off!” she recalls them saying.

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    Company fined for Hawke's Bay Awa oil spill

    A truck servicing company has been fined $19,500 for discharging oil into a drain leading to an important wetland and wildlife refuge.

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    Lawyer fined for promising pro-bono, charging client

    A lawyer has been stung with an order to pay $1500 in remedies after charging a client despite agreeing to take on the work for free.

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    Tāne suffers brain bleed, fractured skull in bar attack

    A woman is “counting her blessings” her little brother awoke from a coma with enough recall to recognise his family after he underwent emergency brain surgery and was given a “bleak” prognosis following a vicious bar assault.

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    Roots of ram raids discussed in Gov't report

    The children and youths behind the ram raid rampage of 2022 learned about violence in their homes and were partly driven by the fun of it, the adrenaline rush, and the notoriety of posting themselves on TikTok.

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    Home run: 100 people on ankle bracelets at large after escapes

    A bunch of detainees waiting to face criminal charges in court have elected to spend their summer having fun in the sun and their Christmas on the run.

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    Young mum of four undergoing chemo suffers mouldy home

    A young mother of four undergoing chemotherapy while living in a house riddled with mould has been awarded $2600 after her repeated complaints “fell on deaf ears”.

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    Māmā fails in Supreme Court bid over child placed in Pākehā care

    The mother of a 7-year-old Māori girl placed in the care of a Pākehā couple has failed in a bid to take her custody battle directly to the Supreme Court.

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    Police employee shared snooped files on social media

    When her friend was being harassed by nearby residents, a police employee used the national intelligence software to search for the culprits and took photos of their files.

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    'Virtual riot': Judge slams lawyer Sue Grey, orders investigation

    A shaken Sue Grey has been released from the custody of a “freezing police cell” after apologising to a judge for her conduct in court, which will now be the subject of a Law Society review.

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