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    Whakaari trial to be held in Auckland

    Not a single district courtroom in the country has the facilities to host the trial for those charged after the Whakaari/White Island eruption, a District Court Judge has found.

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    Dealer admits manslaughter of 28-year-old over cannabis debt

    Supporters of Sears, also known as Luke Riddell were in court to see the guilty plea.

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    'Amnesia'- Whānau of young mum devastated by murderer's appeal

    The family of a young woman murdered by her jealous partner say they are the ones doing a life sentence.

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    Flush with faeces: Tenant's $6k after landlord leaves excrement, bog roll on lawn for months

    Two renters have been awarded thousands of dollars in compensation after they endured months of sewage leaks, bad odours, and a "negligent" landlord who ignored their ongoing pleas to address the issues.

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    Prisoner grabs cop testicles; force unjustified

    A police officer was justified hitting a drunk prisoner in the head several times after the man repeatedly grabbed his testicles and squeezed them during a scuffle.

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    Cop dog on 17-year-old was unlawful, IPCA says

    New Zealand's police watchdog says an officer should not have arrested a youth using a police dog that went on to bite the 17-year-old.

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    Man impersonates cops; flashing lights to pull people over

    A man impersonated a police officer by using red and blue flashing lights to stop vehicles and reprimand drivers for made-up traffic offences, giving them road safety advice, before letting them go.

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    Police unfairly pursue Māori- Report

    Sir Kim Workman's adopted son used to sit in the back of the car and let his Pākehā friends drive whenever they went anywhere, not because he couldn't drive or didn't want to … but because he'd get pulled over by police whenever he did.

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    Paying rent, in a tent- $18,000 order against Tauranga landlord

    With her home burnt and uninhabitable, a Tauranga mum with three kids in tow lived for a month in tents on the section of her rented property - while continuing to pay full rent.

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    501 ram-raider wins bid to stay in Aussie

    A 501 deportee destined for Aotearoa has been given a 'second chance' to reform his life, just a week after Australia's conservative government was ousted by the centre-left Labor party.

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