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    Tāne drowns in creek two hours after police fail to respond to 111 call

    A man who died in a stream might have been saved if police took a concerned caller seriously, a Coroner has found.

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    Inmate passed two self-harm risk assessments before suspected suicide

    A new inmate with a history of self-harming who would later die by suspected suicide in prison, passed two risk assessments without any warning for those in charge of his care.

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    'Do better': Judge rejects mental health service's bid to discharge 'suffering' man

    A district health board and the criminal court are at loggerheads over the management of a mental health inpatient, with a judge calling for the services to "do better".

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    $351K fine after kaimahi hand sliced off

    A man who had his hand sliced off while at work says he remembers looking down to see a puddle of blood and his hand lying metres away from him on the ground.

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    Nest-egg to nightmare: Facebook scammer swindles $284k from victims

    A Facebook Marketplace scammer who swindled his victims out of $284,000 using 15 different pseudonyms won't have to pay a cent of the money he stole back. Hazel Osborne reports.

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    Comancheros president to stay behind bars after parole denied

    The Comancheros gang boss has been denied parole for a second time in four months because he is still considered an excessive risk if released.

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    Dilworth chair admits staff 'moved on' instead of reported; says no cover-up

    A former chair of the Dilworth Trust Board has spoken out about the historic abuse at the private boarding school, saying there was no sinister cover-up - but one "known offender" was made to leave without being reported to the police.

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    Sex ban 'Discriminatory'- says murderer / paedophile

    Convicted murderer Philip Smith has been unsuccessful in challenging a rule that prevents men from having sex with each other at a special treatment unit for child sex abusers.

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    Court orders teen to be vaxxed despite protests from māmā

    A 14-year-old girl with severe disabilities has been vaccinated against Covid-19 despite her mother's protests.

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    60 percent of youth prosecutions target Māori

    Despite the recent spotlight on ram raids and smash-and-grab robberies, the number of young people ending up in court is dropping.

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