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  1. Video for Yoga in Prisons to help inmates rehabilitate

    Yoga in Prisons to help inmates rehabilitate

    The inmates at Auckland Women's Regional Corrections Facility are uniting body, mind and soul as part of their rehabilitation through the Yoga in Prisons programme. The inmates say the classes are enjoyable and they value the calm it brings to what can sometimes be a very tense place.

  2. Video for CrossFit rehabilitates young men

    CrossFit rehabilitates young men

    Young men serving community sentences have been given a taste of the CrossFit world. For the first time, the Department of Corrections has allowed outside groups to support the Mauri Toa Rangatahi programme, which is aimed at rehabilitating young men.

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    Former inmates help reduce re-offending

    A Tikanga Māori programme facilitated by ex-prisoners in their role as teacher has motivated Waikeria prisoners to make positive changes in their lives.

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