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    Cyclist sacrifices kai for cancer campaign

    Seventeen cyclists to ride over 660km in an effort to raise awareness around cervical cancer and prostate.

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    Thousands of free tamariki tickets to Māori, Indigenous All Stars match

    Thousands of Rotorua tamariki will be given the opportunity to attend the upcoming NRL All-Stars: Māori v Indigenous games next month - an opportunity they may not have otherwise had.

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    Rotorua iwi has no current official position on 'staggering' state of Blue Baths

    Photo / Mead Norton By Felix Desmarais, Local Democracy Reporter

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    High Court stops burning of Te Urewera huts

    The High Court has ordered an immediate halt to the burning and destruction of the hut network throughout Te Urewera.

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    Rotorua's new mayor keen to get to work for her city

    The first wahine Māori to be elected mayor of Rotorua says she has a lot of work to do.

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    Website exposes Rotorua emergency housing locations

    Mayoral candidates say a decision by Rotorua’s tourism board to create a website exposing emergency housing locations to tourists is ‘maybe not ideal’, but ‘necessary’.

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    Te Arawa to offer solutions for whānau in emergency housing

    Te Arawa has announced it is taking a stand on solutions for homeless people being crowded into Rotorua motels.

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    Te Arawa offering help to end Rotorua emergency housing crisis

    Iwi leaders met this week to discuss the impact of emergency housing on whānau, hapū, iwi and their rohe.

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    Calls for urgent inquiry into emergency housing in Rotorua

    Waiariki MP and Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi is calling for an immediate investigation of Rotorua's emergency housing situation.

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    'Scary' report paints grim picture of Rotorua

    The wellbeing of people in Rotorua is getting worse by most measures, a new report says. An iwi leader says "you can't put any sugar over this" - but there are ways to address the issues.

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