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    Paula Bennett: "Jacinda Ardern should stand Winston Peters down"

    The Serious Fraud Office has announced that they are now investigating the NZ First Foundation. This comes after an announcement by the SFO had received a referral by police regarding the foundation five days ago. National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett says that NZ First leader Winston Peters should stand down.

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    Simon Bridges: National will imprison those who hide child abuse

    National Party Simon Bridges has announced that he would punish the non-disclosure of child abuse. This has come in the light of the four year old child from Flaxmere that was so badly beaten, that Bridges says will be physically disabled for the rest of their lives.

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    Simon says, "It's harder to get ahead under Jacinda Ardern"

    Simon Bridges started his press conference today, all guns blazing at the PM. ""It's harder to get ahead under Jacinda Ardern," the Opposition leader says.

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    Simon says and Winston replies at Waitangi

    Simon Bridges used his time at Waitangi to promote the National Party, prompting a response from Winston Peters.

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    National rules out NZ First coalition

    NZ First leader Winston Peters says National's Simon Bridges has "a lot to learn about politics". This follows the National Party leader today ruling out working with NZ First after September's election.

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    Simon Bridges denies involvement with National Party Donations charges

    National Party leader Simon Bridges maintains that he was not involved with the National Party donations that resulted in the Serious Fraud Office laying charges. In a statement the SFO says, The Serious Fraud Office filed criminal charges today against four people in relation to donations paid into a National Party electorate bank account. The defendants are scheduled to appear in the Auckland District Court on 25 February. The SFO will not make any further comment until any name suppression issues have been dealt with. This is part of an investigation triggered by former National MP Jami-Lee Matenga Ross releasing phone recordings of a conversation he had with Simon Bridges regarding the allocation of donations received by the National Party. Te Ao Māori News reached out to the SFO to confirm if Bridges was one of the four and they refused to comment beyond their statement. Efforts to reach Jamie-Lee Matenga Ross have been unsuccessful so far.

  7. Video for Students plan school walkout to highlight climate change

    Students plan school walkout to highlight climate change

    Thousands of school students around the world are staging regular strikes in a bid to push politicians to act aggressively on climate change and New Zealand students are set to join in support.

  8. Video for National to independently review culture of party

    National to independently review culture of party

    National will conduct an independent review of the party and its culture despite asserting it has no culture issues. With Ex-National MP Jami-Lee Ross receiving mental health care the situation has put the spotlight on mental health issues and support services for MPs within parliament.

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    Jami-Lee Ross makes u-turn decision on resignation

    Rogue National MP Jami-Lee Ross has made a u-turn decision on his pending resignation from Parliament and will remain to “expose serious flaws” in the National Party.

  10. Video for National MPs address Bridges' race-based comments

    National MPs address Bridges' race-based comments

    National MPs are standing by Simon Bridges despite race-based comments made by their leader in a leaked discussion between him and former National MP Jami-Lee Ross.  

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