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    Rates-free Māori land to increase under Taranaki bill

    A range of Māori land will be free from rates in New Plymouth if district councillors approve a revamp of the current rules.

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    Iwi gain co-governance of Taranaki Maunga

    Iwi will have equal say with the Crown in managing Taranaki Maunga and the national park, as part of redress for the confiscation of the mountain.

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    Taranaki hapū seek 2 year legal ban on kaimoana collection along coastline

    Photo / File Taranaki hapū want a rāhui on collecting kaimoana along their coastline made legally enforceable for two years.

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    Taranaki hapū seeks shellfish ban

    The fisheries minister is considering an application from the hapū of Taranaki iwi to ban shellfish collection along their coastline for two years.

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    Taranaki hapū 'desperate' to safeguard kaimoana extend rāhui up coastline

    A rāhui on collecting kaimoana along the Taranaki coastline has been extended by 30 kilometres as more hapū join desperate efforts to protect paua and other shellfish stocks in the region.

  6. Video for Severe flooding swamps Taranaki; Parihaka

    Severe flooding swamps Taranaki; Parihaka

    Severe flooding and rain has drenched Taranaki & Parihaka Papakāinga

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    'Covid doesn’t care about Christmas'

    Photo / File Taranaki has one new community case of Covid-19 on Christmas Day, Taranaki DHB says. This comes as iwi across Taranaki ready themselves for further spread of the virus. 

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