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    'Sandman' showcases collaborative live-art experience of te ao Māori

    Ngā Tohu o te Taiao is a thought-provoking live art experience that weaves together stories of kōanga and maramataka through various mediums including pūrākau, pūoro, and even onepū or sand.

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    Aboriginal artist's deep connections to te ao Māori

    By Waimanea Nuri, Te Rito journalism cadet. Allan McKenzie is an Aboriginal artist who is deeply connected to his culture and is inspired to create art based on Māori values.

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    Pouroto Ngaropo awarded honorary doctorate for contributions to Māori

    Pouroto Ngaropo, one of Aotearoa’s leading cultural ambassadors for knowledge in mātauranga Māori, tikanga and kawa, was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Auckland University of Technology (AU

  4. Video for Wahine shares her journey in reconnecting to te ao Māori through TikTok

    Wahine shares her journey in reconnecting to te ao Māori through TikTok

    With Mahuru Māori underway for 2022, one wahine has decided to share her journey to learning te reo Māori on TikTok - and has received thousands of views and likes on the popular social media platf

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    Directors get support with te ao Māori journey

    Source / Google Play Store Directors now have a Māori-designed mobile app to support them on their journey with te ao Māori.

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    Te Ao Māori embedded in special needs services

    After two years of preparation a caring service for people with special needs in Rotorua, Saint Chads, is teaching its clients the Māori language, Māori customs and a Māori worldview during their e

  7. Video for 'It gives me goosebumps being a Māori All Black' - TJ Perenara

    'It gives me goosebumps being a Māori All Black'- TJ Perenara

    Photo credit / Spark Sport TJ Perenara is living a childhood dream he shared with a best mate when they were kids. The Māori All Blacks were their idols growing up.

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