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    Tamara Wharerau: A book 20 years in the making and a wero for change

    By Eva Wilson, Te Rito journalism cadet. 

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    Tārai Waka- Learn to love every process

    By Waimanea Nuri, Te Rito journalism cadet. The revival of traditional Māori navigation and canoe construction is emerging through rangatahi Māori.

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    Sex Outside the City challenges taboo to improve takatāpui health

    Sexual wellbeing in the regions of Aotearoa is getting a shake-up with the launch of Sex Outside the City.

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    East Coast midwife highlights effects of rising cost of living on whānau

    Kaniwa Kupenga-Tamarama is the Nāti Pēpi Midwifery Project Lead at Ngāti Porou Hauora. By Oriwa Atkins, Te Rito journalism cadet.

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    17-year-old Papakura-born artist hits 17 on top 20 NZ singles charts

    By Michael Cugley, Te Rito journalism cadet.  A 17-year-old music artist has reached the top 20 charts with his new single Testimony.

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    8-year-old wows crowds with fire knife dancing skills

    Most kids are taught not to play with fire, but for 8-year-old Zion Savea and his family, afi (fire) has connected them to their rich Samoan culture and history.

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    Jackson Owens releases new summer festival anthem

    Festival season is around the corner, and soul/R&B artist Jackson Owens (Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Awa, Te Arawa, Ngāi Tahu) is set to make his new single ‘If You Let Me Go’ the summer anthem of 2023.

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    Indigenous surfing doco shows ocean through Māori eyes

    By Michael Cugley, Te Rito journalism cadet.  An indigenous surfing documentary is looking at the moana through Māori eyes.

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    'Who goes to university in 1923? Somebody like Mākareti Papakura'

    By Waimanea Nuri, Te Rito journalism cadet.  The first Māori woman to attend Oxford University died before the completion of her Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

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    Pacific beauty shop Panikeke is ready to make waves in Wellington

    Pacific style is on its way to Wellington, as fashion and beauty store Panikeke expands to a new market after almost a decade of success in South Auckland.

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