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    Oscar nomination a nod to the suffering in Muru- director

    Tearepa Kahi says his latest film, Muru, being submitted to the Academy Awards is an acknowledgement of the communities it is set in as much as the film itself.

  2. Video for "Herbs is not just a band. Herbs is a movement"

    "Herbs is not just a band. Herbs is a movement"

    Members of the iconic NZ band Herbs and their families are singing the praises of the makers of the documentary that pays tribute to their forty-year history. The film Herbs: Songs of Freedom by Te Arepa Kahi, produced by wife Reikura Kahi and Hollywood superstar Cliff Curtis, had it's world premiere at The Civic Theatre in downtown Auckland last night, and was met with a mixture of laughter and tears.

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    Poi-e director to present documentary screening on marae anniversary

    Tomorrow night Wintec’s marae, Te Kōpū Mānia o Kirikiriroa, celebrates its fifth birthday with a special event starting at 6pm.  The marae is welcoming acclaimed Māori director, actor and writer Tearepa Kahi and his wife Reikura who will present his documentary Poi - e, The Story of our Song (2016).

  4. Video for Mt Zion Premiere in Auckland

    Mt Zion Premiere in Auckland

    It’s been seven years since the initial concept of Mt Zion and now all the hard work has finally come to fruition.  Tonight, the world premiere of Mt Zion was held in Manukau City where the cast and crew walked the red carpet, and celebrated the film they laboured over for months.

  5. Video for ‘Mt Zion’ to hit cinemas next month

    ‘Mt Zion’ to hit cinemas next month

    With just under a month to go till the premiere of Mt Zion, the first feature film for Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, Pukekohe is abuzz with anticipation to see their own local scenery on the big screen. Te Kāea spoke to two of the films' stars, Stan Walker and Temuera Morrison on the upcoming release.

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