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    'Crisis' in vaccination, providers in 'catch-up' phase for tamariki

    Child vaccination rates in areas like south Auckland remain in a state of crisis as healthcare providers are stuck in a post-Covid-19 catch-up phase, an expert says.

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    Ngāti Kahu wraps up vax drive as cases rise

    As Covid cases continue to rise, a Northland iwi is wrapping up its last vaccination drive before the end of the year.

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    Court orders teen to be vaxxed despite protests from māmā

    A 14-year-old girl with severe disabilities has been vaccinated against Covid-19 despite her mother's protests.

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    Fears measles could swamp hospitals amid vaccination slump

    There are fears steep declines in childhood vaccination could result in another preventable viral outbreak, similar to the measles epidemic of 2019.

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    ‘No reasonable excuse to import ivermectin’- Anti-vax Murupara GP told

    Murupara GP Dr Bernard Conlon has likened treating his patients without access to ivermectin to entering a boxing ring with one hand tied behind his back.

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    Nurse fired for calling vaccines 'murderous' on Facebook

    A nurse who was fired after describing the Covid-19 vaccine as "murderous" on her Facebook page has lost an appeal against what she labelled an unfair dismissal.

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    Free flu shot for tamariki, second Covid booster for kaumātua, vulnerable

    From Friday, another 800,000 New Zealanders will be eligible for a free flu shot with the government expanding current criteria to include children (three to 12 years old) and people with serious m

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    Flu/ MMR jabs offered at Covid vax centres in Waikato

    Waikato District Health Board says it will start offering vaccinations for flu, MMR (measles, rumps and rubella) and whooping cough at its vaccination centres, alongside the Covid-19 vaccine.

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    What the cameras in the crowd saw

    News camera operators in the parliament press gallery have been at the receiving end of animosity, abuse, threats and violence during the protests at parliament. Māori Television's Rituraj Sapkota talked to videographers and photographers of various news organisations about their experiences of those three and half weeks. 

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