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    Green light for three waters

    The government says it will plough ahead with the vast majority of its three waters reforms, saying 45 of 47 of the recommendations suggested by its working group will be implemented.

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    Giant drill begins three-year journey to dig under Central Auckland

    The machine that is digging the tunnel is named Hiwa-i-te Rangi after one of the nine stars of the Matariki star cluster.

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    Recent arrivals from Australia urged to get tested, after Covid-19 detected in New Plymouth wastewater

    If any of the recent arrivals are in Taranaki now, they should get tested, even if they do not have symptoms, the Health Ministry says.

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    Residents warned- Ashburton sewage ponds flooding into Lake Hood

    Ashburton District residents are urged to avoid floodwaters due to sewage contamination.

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    6 new MIQ cases; more weak positive wastewater results

    Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua and Queenstown have recently returned weak positive wastewater results.

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