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    Luke McAlisters’ Japan team gets new coach

    Manu Samoa Coach, Vaeluagaomatagi Steve Jackson has signed on as coach for Luke McCallisters’ rugby team in Japan. The Shimizu Blue Sharks issued a statement on their website confirming the appointment. It is unknown how this will affect Vaeluagaomatagis’ work with Manu Samoa and SRU. According to the Statement, Vaeluagaomatagi is honoured to have taken up this position.  The Samoan Rugby Union have been contacted for comment and we are awaiting reply. About the Shimizu Blue Sharks The Shimizu Blue Sharks are a professional rugby team playing in the Top Challenge League in Japan. Luke McCalister played first-five for them in the 2019-2020 season that ended in January.

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    Samoan ali'i offers prayers for deceased koroua Māori in Samoa

    A Samoan High Chief (Ali'i) wants to hold a karakia service for the 70-year-old koroua Māori who passed away in Apia, Samoa.  ASA Foundation leader, Teleiai Edwin Puni says, “ASA Foundation is his family away from home (Aotearoa); he must not be alone even in death.”

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    Shepherds Reign fans unaware of the bands diverse whakapapa

    South Auckland metal band Shepherds Reign continues to be called a Samoan band despite it having Māori band members. The video for their new single, Le Manu, performed in the Samoan language, has only reinforced the misconception. Online metal critic “Poss the Boss” proclaimed after hearing Le Manu, “Behold the power of Samoan/Polymetal!” YouTube user Erma Cardenas after seeing the music video says, “Samoan Island Metal.” Such sentiments are typical of the new fanbase that the band have created. Heavy Metal is a music genre often associated with Pākehā demographics despite having a large dedicated Polynesian following.

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    Shepherds Reign keen to do a free concert for Samoa

    South Auckland metal band Shepherds Reign, are open to doing benefit concerts to help relief efforts in Samoa, but are apprehensive of how their music would be received back in their conservative Christian homeland.

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    Māori Shepherds Reign band members proud of Samoan single

    The two Māori members of a polynesian band that have made a heavy metal remix of the Siva Tau, the famous haka performed by Manu Samoa before every game, say they are proud to have been involved in making the Samoan language track "Le Manu" for their band Shepherds Reign.

  6. Video for Māori couple recount their life changing experiences in Samoa

    Māori couple recount their life changing experiences in Samoa

    Husband and wife pastors of the Elim Christian Church in Porirua, Stacey and Hiraina Raika recently returned from Samoa after a spiritual mission to bring relief and inspiration to those worse affected by the measles outbreak that has claimed 81 lives. Even during the summer break the couple still do their best to support the less fortunate. 

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    TriMāori co-founder changed forever by helping whānau pani Samoa

    When TriMāori co-founder Ariana Paul (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Maniapoto) went to Samoa last Saturday, she had no idea that she would be donating $4,000 WST (approx. $2,250). But three days in Samoa would change her life forever. Fighting back tears, Ariana Paul told Te Ao Māori News: "I woke this morning and I was still crying, I just get emotional thinking about it."

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    TriMāori gives Samoan community a $4000 boost

    Māori Health charity TriMāori has donated $4,000 WST (approx. $2,250 NZD) to help relief efforts in Samoa. TriMāori co-founder, Ariana Paul, confirmed to Te Ao Māori News that she made the donation on behalf of the charity while she was in Samoa last week. Paul accompanied volunteers from ASA Foundation, a NZ based community group that is working in Samoa. Paul would go with these volunteers as they delivered these funds to whānau pani.

  9. Video for NZ Samoans return to support their homeland

    NZ Samoans return to support their homeland

    Four of Samoa's sons have returned to show support and bring gifts for their homeland. They aim to help those who have suffered from the devastation of the measles outbreak that started back in October. Former All Black Ma'a Nonu, former world heavyweight boxing champion Joseph Parker, NRL power house Martin Taupau and comedian Tofiga Fepulea'i all landed in Samoa to help uplift the spirits of the grieving families.  

  10. Video for "Samoa is still open for business" - Samoan Tourism CEO

    "Samoa is still open for business"- Samoan Tourism CEO

    Tourism in Samoa is a major contributor to the economy. Tourism expenditure in Samoa was estimated to be worth approximately $339 million per year. The Samoan Tourism industry and its economy has been hit hard with hundreds of cancellations in bookings since the beginning of the measles outbreak in September.    

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