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  1. Video for Flavell shoots her way to the top

    Flavell shoots her way to the top

    Matangiroa Flavell will be debuting for the New Zealand Tall Ferns squad next month in Taiwan.  She and five others will take the court for the first time at top level to vie for their chance at bringing home the William Jones Cup. 

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    Breakers sign American first-round pick

    The NZ Breakers' much anticipated new signing was announced last night via the USA's most popular sports channel, ESPN.   After much speculation, 18-year-old point guard RJ Hampton was announced as the latest edition to the Breaker's roster for the 2019/20 season.

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    Breakers secure US high school star

    "Next year, I will be going overseas to play in the Australian Basketball League with the New Zealand Breakers." And with those words, one of the hottest US basketball prospects has flipped the basketball world on its head.

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    Weekend sports round-up for April 27-28th

    Big news over the weekend as Shaun Johnson is injured and the Hurricanes have a major win over the Chiefs.

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    Could Steven Adams be traded from Thunder?

    Could Steven Adams be on the way out of Oklahoma City?   Right now the main thing on his mind is likely salvaging the Thunders’ 3-1 series deficit in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.  However, there are rumours that he may well find himself traded in the coming off-season.

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