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    Te Pāmu Kūmara

    A children's drama about Tai and her superman whānau who run their local vege shop from their kūmara farm. They protect their whenua and way of life from the many who try and get in the way.

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    Tamaiti Tū Winter

    Nau mai ki Tamaiti Tū Winter, a series that takes tamariki beyond their four walls and into the playground that is Aotearoa.

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    Mauri Reo Mauri Ora- Kōanga 2021

    Mauri Reo Mauri Ora - Kōanga 2021 is a series of programme content that focus on entertaining and educating Kōhungahunga and Kura Tuatahi audiences.

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    Taki atu Taki mai

    A rhythmic series that engages nohinohi through contemporary beats, melodic rhymes and captivating colours.

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    Tamariki Haka

    Tamariki Haka is about our kids seeing themselves on TV and sharing their stories about why their kapa is awesome. The aim is to entertain, inspire as well as educate tamariki through waiata, haka, whakamaarama and pakiwaitara made by them, for them.

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    E Kori

    E Kori uses fitness with indigenous Māori themes to tell bold, spiritual stories.

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    Darwin & Newts

    Follow Darwin and Newts on epic adventures to figure out how things work. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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    Kāinga Whakapaipai

    Join Makurata Anderson and Ratema Rika as they complete their daily household chore with the help of Whaea Patupaiarehe.  On Demand video available worldwide.

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    Pōtae Pai

    A new instructional arts series for 6 - 9 year olds about all things tamariki! On Demand globally.

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    Te Nūtube

    A series about two very opinionated, very loud, very clever, but most of all, very Māori cousins Atareta and Te Haakura. 

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