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    Ngā Kākā Kura o te Reo

    Ngā Kākā Kura o te Reo is an annual event that honours those who initiated and led significant Māori language movements.

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    (MLC) AI is a digital series dedicated to educating rangatahi about sexual health and having those ever important and sometimes awkward conversations about sex. 

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    Something for the People

    A weekly Live Breakfast and late-night Māori satire show that combines Te Ao News, haka yarns from Arataua, and Code (for the old people) all into one.

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    Rainbow Rangatahi

    Rainbow Rangatahi is the rainbow youth community of Aotearoa of the 2020s, who share the difficulties and struggles faced in their journey for acceptance.

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    The Untold Tales of Tuteremoana

    A dramatic anthology, woven together by three whakapapa stories of the ancient Ngāi Tara people.

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    Asian Art Stories Aotearoa

    New Zealand artists reflect on how life in Aotearoa informs their creative work & sense of identity in this short documentary series. 

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    Five wāhine reflect on what calls them forward and holds them back as they consider a career with the NZ Police.

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    A nine part drama that tells a story of healing and transformation for Rayna, her family and the divided community of Binesizhaabose First Nation.

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    Arctic Secrets

    Journey to the most remote Arctic landscapes, populated with unique animals and plants that have adapted to survive in the harshest climates on the planet.

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    Hōiho Riding On

    Join us on this great horse adventure across Aotearoa, meeting our amazing horses and riders of Te Ao Māori. Hōiho – Riding on – Hōiho Whakangetea!

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