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  1. Video for Unsettled, Episode 10

    Unsettled, Episode 10

    FINAL: It’s election day on Binesizhaabose First Nation. The votes are in and the community has spoken. The family share in a ceremony to welcome Rayna to the family officially.

  2. Video for Unsettled, Episode 9

    Unsettled, Episode 9

    (PGC) With the election in full swing and all eyes on the cannabis dispensary raid, the community is more divided than ever. Darryl’s VC investor has bad news for Rowan’s Marijuana plan.

  3. Video for Unsettled, Episode 8

    Unsettled, Episode 8

    (PGC) Henry makes an impassioned plea for the mourning community of Beezee to come together and Myles reveals that he may have been connected to the overdose of his fellow student.

  4. Video for Unsettled, Episode 7

    Unsettled, Episode 7

    (PGC) As the election candidates continue to battle it out, an opiate overdose at the high school blindsides the community.

  5. Video for Redfern Now, Promise Me

    Redfern Now, Promise Me

    (16) Exploring the impact of a violent crime on two women and the fight for justice that ensues.

  6. Video for Unsettled, Episode 6

    Unsettled, Episode 6

    (PG) Rayna begins to settle into her new reality.

  7. Video for Destination Wedding

    Destination Wedding

    (MSL) The story of two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests who develop a mutual affection despite their differences. (2018)

  8. Video for Unsettled, Episode 5

    Unsettled, Episode 5

    With Myles at school, Darryl at work, Tara juggling her work and running for Chief, her mom angry all the time and her father only speaking Ojibway, Rayna is completely lonely and isolated.

  9. Video for Unsettled, Episode 4

    Unsettled, Episode 4

    (PGC) Darryl has charmed his way into the inner circle of Chief and council; Rayna discovers a young mother squatting in one of the rooms at the Beezee lodge.

  10. Video for Unsettled, Episode 3

    Unsettled, Episode 3

    (PGC) In light of unfortunate events, Rayna and her family are forced to stay with her mother.

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