TAHUA 2017: Opposition MPs oppose Budget

By Heeni Brown

Finance Minister Steven Joyce and National head into parliament to deliver gains from its ninth budget, but New Zealand First leader Winston Peters isn't supporting it one bit.

Mr Peters' says, "They're so predictable, there'd be a lot fo buffery, there'll be a fictional surplus whilst every area of social spending will be screaming out for help and they won't deliver."

He also says low-income families still won't be able to afford their own home.   

"Every social service is under massive stress with a housing crisis that says today to a young student at university when you leave it's going to be three times as hard as your parents to get a house."

Green Party Co-Leader Metiria Turei is questioning why there isn't more funding for Housing.

"National will spend $800mil on new prisons and only around $100mil on housing this proves National is unfit to govern. They're going to spend a huge amount of money on imprisoning our people when we are desperate for housing."

Law and Order received $2bil, $763mil to cater for prison capacity and while there isn't a specific Māori focus, Māori Party Co-Leader Marama Fox says they're pushing for it.

"We are there, pushing the Minister to not forget our Māori issues, yes it's in the Minister's hands, but were as a Māori voice and telling them this is what Māori need." 

Māori Development also received $93mil over four years, but Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says it's not a figure to brag about. 

"The money for Māori development is megarm it is less than a 100mil which sounds a lot to whānau, but from a Government point of view, it's pennies. There isn't enough to make sure we do the best job for Whānau Ora. We know Whānau Ora works but they still don't have enough money to do their job properly."