Tai Tokerau voters describe Kelvin Davis as a "Very capable gentleman"

Te Tai Tokerau voters are throwing their support behind newly appointed Labour Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis.

One Te Tai Tokerau voter describes Kelvin Davis as a "very capable gentleman"

Another voter says, “This is something our ancestors dreamed of.”

Kaumātua Wimutu Te Whiu says Kelvin could take it a step further, first Māori Prime Minister. “This is his responsibility, for now, may be in future he'll be Prime Minister.”

Apenti Eruera Tamanui-Fransen says Te Tai Tokerau needs to vote strategically. “If we party vote Labour and give Hone Harawira our candidate vote, both men will gain seats in Parliament.”

Voters agree that Kelvin Davis has his work cut out for him.

"It's asking a lot of him but if he's of that mind, I'm quite sure he can handle it, yes."

“Yes, he can do it if he gets enough support on Election Day.”

They believe that with the right support, he'll be able to manage both his Labour deputy role and his electorate of Te Tai Tokerau.