Tainui entrepreneur launches 'lease-breaking' app in Aotearoa

By Mare Haimona-Riki

An innovative app, created by Brisbane-based entrepreneur Richard Saville (Tainui) is helping people free themselves of leases and loans.

It's called “Break Your Lease,” and he says the primary goal is to help whānau find suitable replacements to take over their contracts, through this platform.

"I had lots of friends come to me saying 'how can we get out of a lease?' 

"So we thought why not create a platform that's bigger than their reach, so they can put it on a platform for another user to take over." 

How it works

  1.  Download the app
  2.  Upload photos of the property
  3. Include description and details such as term period and remaining period
  4. Post on platform

The app was initially catered for residential and commercial leases only but has since shifted into other long-term loans. 

"Gym memberships, car loans, boat and jet ski loans, for people stuck in those financial commitments," Saville says. 

With more than a million downloads globally, Saville has come to Aotearoa to launch the app on home soil.

"We're here to launch in New Zealand to help Kiwis struggling and who are in difficult financial situations," he says.