Tainui Waka Kapa Haka Festival - Ngaa Pou o Roto

By Te Ao Māori News

Preparations for this year's competition has been trying for Ngaa Pou o Roto, according to senior member, Ranea Takiari.

Despite the high expectations they set for themselves at Te Matatini 2013, Ngā Pou o Roto has proven that with hard work and determination, they can overcome any barrier.

Ranea says approximately 25% of their members are debutantes to the haka stage.

To help promote togetherness and fitness amongst their members, the group holds recreational activities like fishing and diving during their live-ins.

It's also a good chance to wind down after their intense training.

"I know the team really wants to go to Christchurch, but at the same time, our mentality is if you want it, you have to go and get it,” says Ranea.

Here is their whakaeke.