Take your landfill elsewhere! Huntly community reject new dump site

By D'Angelo Martin

"Take your landfill elsewhere." That demand came from former rugby league Kiwi international Tawera Nikau at a protest that has just got underway in Huntly.

A group of local Rāhui Pokeka residents are opposing a new landfill to be operated by Glessons and Cox at Stevies Quarry along Huntly's river road. Nikau says they object to the new landfill being established in the small Waikato community. Waikato District Council said it was aware of the protest planned for today and that the firm had applied for a land use consent.

“The major concern for us is we don’t want a dump or managed landfill," he says.

“For us, the major concern is environmental concerns, the road traffic that will be coming down this road. We don’t have any concerns about the quarry itself, but in terms of bringing in fill to Huntly and dumping it here, that’s a big no no”