Tamaki duo launch non-Christian political party

By Jessica Tyson

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah Tamaki have launched a new political party, Coalition New Zealand.

During an announcement today, Hannah Tamaki said she will lead the party.

She says it will not be a Christian party, but one “for all New Zealanders”.

The party will follow a strategy with two initial goals she says, to raise the party vote to five percent and win an electorate.

Destiny Church spokesperson Anne Williamson says Bishop Tamaki has been weighing up the possibility of entering into politics for a number of months.

"This is not a decision which we have undertaken lightly; yet in view of the escalating tide of poor decision-making, as well as undermining and eroding of New Zealand values by those at the heart of our nation's politics, we feel that we have had no choice but to stand up for the ever-growing silent majority of regular New Zealanders who are becoming more and more fed up and sick of the spin.”

Te Ao reporter Taroi Black will have more on this story at 6.30pm today on Māori Television.