Tamariki gifted a bed of their own for Christmas

By Raniera Harrison

Two community initiatives in Whangarei are leading the way this Christmas preparing to redistribute beds to those who need them the most. Now in its third week, Beds For Christmas managers say there isn't really much better than a new bed for those in need at this time of the year.

What better than a new comfortable bed to welcome the Christmas cheer to the wider public of Whangarei.

Tai Tokerau Habitat For Humanity General Manager Carina Dickson says, “The response has just been so amazing. So we're certainly not going to say, you know, stop bringing the beds in.”

This year’s Christmas signals new beds for some in Whangarei. It's the brainchild of the hard work between Habitat for Humanity Northland and Manaia Health PHO in Whangarei who have been redistributing used beds to those who need it the most at this time of the year.

Te Uepū Hauora o Manaia Manager Ngaire Rae says, “If people want to help other people out then Beds For Christmas is a good way of doing that.”

The managing director of Habitat For Humanity in Northland, Carina Dickson says that although their main business is finding homes for families in need - the redistribution of beds is along the same line of work.

Dickson says, “We're in homes of whānau, every day, every week, and so we are aware that there's a pretty great housing need in Tai Tokerau.”

This is a joint initiative between the two health operators and numerous iwi-led health initiatives that have been working tirelessly to bring the Christmas cheer to all here at home.

“We actually dropped some goods off to 3 whānau this week - and they were humbled and overwhelmed.”

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