Tamariki surf their way into the school holidays

Today was the first of a series of surf camps facilitated by Saltwater Eco, a surf and snorkel specialist group who's focus is to immerse children in their local marine environments.

These children are surfing into the term one school holidays as a part of a surf camp at Omaha Beach.

Surf camp student Clara Donelly says, “I liked learning how to surf and having fun."

“I learnt that you should paddle when you're catching the wave, I learnt that it's ok if you fall off and just to get back on again" adds Harriet Neal.

Saltwater Eco are spreading their messages of marine conservation one wave at a time.

Managing Director Kirsty Prior says, "It's beyond getting them to jump up and stand up on a board we want them to connect to the ocean, we want them to come away and care for it so that they're going to make it nice and clean as well. We run beach clean ups, we plant a native tree for every customer and so these kids can get involved in that action as well. It's a bit more than just surfing."

Water-safety is also a key focus for Saltwater Eco.

"For us Kiwis, we live so close to the ocean, you're only ever 100kms from the coast in New Zealand so you know kids need to have that confidence to be able to look after themselves when they're out there."

The 3-day surf camp will continue tomorrow through to Wednesday.