Taonga signifies relationship between Auckland and Kansai

As the World Masters Games closes here in Auckland we meet the weavers and the carvers behind the specially created mauri representing Māui and adorned in rare Albatross feathers, a gift for the Japan 2021 World Masters Games.

Putting the finishing touches on the special paddle destined for Japan.

Whaotapu carver Wikuki Kingi says, "It's going to be Māui, he obviously embodies all the superhuman powers and our first sportsman if you like he was a great individual but also a team player, it's a good segway into the whole Masters Games."

Weavers have come onboard as well to adorn the specially crafted paddle with hard to get Albatross feathers, ethically sourced through the Department of Conservation.

Master Weaver, Edna Pahewa says, "You know they're not common in kakahu and if you say you've done a kakau with an albatross feather that is important because not everyone and not all weavers can get their hands on albatross, so yes, it's probably just down from the Kiwi feathers."

The carving will carry with it the mauri to Japan signifying the relationship between the two cities Auckland and Kansai.

Kingi says, "It's a great honour to be a part of this and to represent our iwi here in this way, to acknowledge all the people involved, you know the art of raranga and whakairo coming together, so any opportunity to do that on the world stage is always good for us."

The official closing ceremony of the games will end tomorrow night after a week of competition.