Tara sets sight on Gold at NZIFBB in Waikato

Tara Cameron is gunning for gold at this year's NZIFBB event in Waikato this weekend. Although she's looking to better her silver medal placing, Tara says she's not doing it for herself.

'I've always been goal driven so there's quite a few reasons for me wanting to compete again, first is unfinished business from the last time I did the show a couple of years ago” says Tara.

The Champion Nutrition consultant will compete in the Bikini Novice Tall category. In 2015 she placed second in her first ever competition. Tara says she now has a better grasp of what's expected this time round when she steps on stage

Tara adds, “You want to be lean, but not too lean, you want to have muscle but not too much muscle, you want to have muscle in the right places”.

You could say it's become a full time job for Tara, who also works as a nutritionist. Her biggest motivation is inspiring within her followers the message of healthy living.

“I’ve got to walk the talk. If I'm telling others if you eat like this and train like this you'll look like this. Well I wanted to be living proof I guess that if you follow the plan it does work”.

Whatever result she comes away with Tara says the biggest reward will be gaining a new lifestyle. The competition will take place at Hamilton’s Destiny Church.