Tasmyn Benny to brave blows with Aussie boxer

By Peata Melbourne

Tasmyn Benny will represent New Zealand in the Under 48kg division in an International Boxing Event exchanging blows with top Australian boxer. 

Since coming runner-up in her first competition at the Boxing New Zealand Championships in 2016, Tasmyn Benny of Ngāti Porou, Ngāpuhi and Waikato has begun pursuing a career in the Navy juggling what spare time she has to compete inside the squared ring.

"Now that I'm getting more time off, I can go train at nights sometimes after we've finished our work for the day, otherwise I shadow spar in my room," says Benny. 

This weekend she'll be facing top Australian opponent, Astrid, Carmelo. Last week she was in a training Bootcamp in preparation for her fight, but like all sports, the mental build-up is also part of the groundwork.

"I'm trying to get my mental game focusing on what I have to do, more about what I wanna do in the ring, I'm trying to focus on my moving more and my power."

This weekend's event is a nomination round for the Commonwealth Games. For the first time ever in history, more women's categories have been added to the Commonwealth Games programme, including the boxing category Benny competes in - Women's 45-48kg Boxing Event. The changes have given her a new contest to aspire towards.

"It's definitely one of my main goals just to get there," she says.

The modest 48kg boxer has given up netball to pursue her boxing ambitions but says she has no regrets and hopes to see more women like herself giving it a go in the future.