Tasmyn Benny's first Commonwealth Games

By Rahia Timutimu

Tasmyn Benny is a champion boxer on the rise. Training has become even more vigorous for the 19-year-old after making the NZ Commonwealth team.

“Training is going pretty good.  It’s picking up since I found out. I’m focusing on technique and sparring,” says Benny.

She trains at the Wreck Room with Coach Cameron Todd, who is the Commonwealth Games National Coach.

He knew she had the skill to make it before she did.

“I’ve had my eye on her and I told her six months ago she was good enough to make the team," says Todd, "She kind of laughed about it. didn’t really think it was an option, but for me it was always in the back of my mind that she would get the opportunity to be selected”. 

This year is all about gaining experience for the Ngāti Porou descendant, but come next Commonwealth Games she'll be ready to take on the best.

“I think you'll see Tasmyn come into her own at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, she will be formidable by then,” says Todd.

The first Commonwealth Games match will be held in 38 days’ time.