Tatai Kerr-Tuaupiki: I was once 'really big'. It's cool to see big people at the gym

By Kelvin McDonald

Te Maire Martin is a lucky charm for the Broncos but his whānau are awesome as well. His sister Rauhina Martin (Tainui) and partner Kihiroa Wihapi (Te Arawa) opened a new gym in Rotorua.

Tatai Kerr-Tuaupiki is the gym's head trainer and says she was once "really big".

"I was just eating, not training, and I thought that was fun."

However, as an adult Kerr-Tuaupiki says she realised "I should be able to live happily ever after."

She got into the fitness industry and then Crossfit and says her life has now gone full circle.

"I just love it. It's a good lifestyle and it keeps me healthy being active."

"Eat healthy and train. It actually changed me and it changed my life."  

Kerr-Tuaupiki encourages people of all shapes and sizes to come along to the gym, especially bigger people. She says it is "cool" to see their confidence grow.

"When I see big people in the gym, it actually amazes me because some people get self-conscious about their bodies, especially when they're coming into a gym full of other people.

"They think 'oh, I can't do this. I don't want to do this. I feel too big around everybody else.' But when I see that, I think this is cool," says Kerr-Tuaupiki. 

"I used to be big like that. It amazes me to see the confidence that they have in themselves."