Tau Henare finally calls it quits

By Harata Brown

He's a descendant of former Ngāti Hine politician, Taurekareka Tau Henare.

Qualities have been evident since the Tau Henare of recent times first went in to Parliament in 1993 under NZ First. He also obtained the seat for the Northern Māori electorate in that election year as well.

He left NZ First, and his own political party, Mauri Pacific, didn't make it into Parliament, but Henare's return to politics was thanks to being a National list MP.

A former Māori Affairs Minister, and now chair of the Māori Affairs Select Committee, he also married his long-time partner at Mātangireia. But in recent times, Henare unsuccessfully put in his bid to replace the Speaker of the House.

It's been said that Henare not gaining a higher spot on the National list may have sparked his announcement to retire.

Henare will retire at the next general election, but says he has no clue what he wants to do afterward.