Taurua opposes date for New Zealand Wars commemorations

By Heeni Brown

Ngāpuhi leader Kingi Taurua is slamming the date set to recognise the New Zealand Wars.

The Government have proposed He Whakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Niu Tireni - Declaration of Independence 1835 Day to also play host to the Raa Maumahara National Day of Commemoration which is held on October, 28.

Kingi Taurua says "I don't agree to have both subjects on the same day. If they were to put the New Zealand Wars commemorations on October 28 then the legacy my ancestors left behind won't be recognised."

Last week, Taurua helped host the annual commemoration of He Whakaputanga - Declaration of Independence Day in Waitangi where more than 200 people attended.

Taurua says he and others who support and commemorate the Declaration of Independence signed in 1835 by 34 northern chiefs known as Te Whakaminenga o Ngā Hapu o Niu Tireni - Confederation of United Tribes is not a day to be shared with other commemorations.

"We will never agree. I have spoken to my elders and they don't agree with it. We will always hold that day for the signing of the Declaration by the Confederates. If there are to be further discussions on this subject then we will make sure to be part of those discussions, but October 28 will never be agreed to."

Budget 2016 put $4million over four years to support New Zealand Land Wars commemorations.

Arrangements have not been finalised but the first Raa Maumahara National Day of Commemoration will be hosted by Te Taitokerau in 2017. 

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