Te Ao Toa speaks with Kiwis newcomer Jordan Riki

By Te Ao Toa

NZ Māori and Brisbane Broncos forward Jordan Riki has recently been named in the Kiwis league squad.

Riki (Tainui) speaks with Te Ao Toa presenter and former Kiwi captain Adam Blair and Brook Ruscoe after he was named in the 38-man squad that will build towards the World Cup in October 2022.

"Whoever makes it, congratulations to them. I know that they will do the country proud," says Riki.

He also talks about the retirement of legend Benji Marshall and the 'drug' controversy that has hit the NRL.

Asked what he misses most about Aotearoa, Riki says there are two things.

"Obviously, the main one would be my family. I miss my whānau back home," he says.

"But very, very closely behind would be the food," he laughs. "The food bro."

"I just feel it's made with a lot of love."