Te Ara Ki Te Reo Ki Kuirau

30 years ago the concept of Te Ara Ki Te Reo Ki Kuirau began its journey that has lasted with the main objective of educating children.

According to Waaka Vercoe of Ngāti Awa, “It started from our home. We set aside the area for a kōhanga, and called it Kuirau. At that time we were the second kōhanga in Rotorua.”

Waaka Vercoe along with his wife and many others celebrated the continuation of the centre. 

It's based in Rotorua and has produced many talented leaders.

The centre began under the mantel of kōhanga reo however developed into early childhood centre.

Mr Vercoe says, “After three years, we were being instructed by the National Trust, we did not care for that, and believed that we should determine how to educate our children.”

The centre reached a milestone in its history and believes that they will be here in the next 30 years to come.