Te Arawa siblings strive together to make their mark in CrossFit

A brother, sister pair from Te Arawa is preparing for the Two 2 Tango CrossFit Competition in September.

Months of early morning training sessions together proves they are determined to make their mark in the CrossFit realm. 

It's not always an easy task getting up before the birds each morning, but despite being in the midst of winter, these two brave the cold most days.

Older sister Lisa Groot says, "It's another level of training. Last year it was ridiculous.  I did things that I have never done before so I'm guessing they'll take it up again.  Just makes it even better that I can do it with my brother."

Two 2 Tango is a dual competition.  It was Lisa who encouraged her brother to sign the registration papers. 

"I just got a call one day and she said we're doing this comp together and I was like oh ok sweet. Should be good. Be my first RX comp so should be interesting," says younger brother Daniel.

It's that very encouragement that drives them and there's no holding back when it comes to critiquing one another. 

"He's probably the only one who has ever made me work as hard as I can and he just pushes me and nobody else can do that," adds Lisa.

Daniel says, "I can tell her straight you know, you didn't work that hard and she can tell me oh your technique was terrible."

With two months left to train for their hardest competition to date, the main aim now is to work on their technique.