Te Arawa Women's Health League a lifetime of celebration

The Te Arawa Women's Health League is a milestone in Rotorua history and has been a focal point in research completed by Māori author, Dr Laurie Morrison. Her research has now been used in an exhibition and book about the league.

However, It’s taken two year of research but it was a project she was passionate about.

“No body had been writing about our kuia, like you know, some of the main kuia, Nurse Cameron and rightly so she had been profiled but not our kuia.”

Autauhinera: Sisterhood - Legacies looks closely on the history of the league, from there humble beginnings pioneering the benefits for Māori in Health.

“The role that our kuia played back in the early 1930's to improve the health of our Māori people because you know we weren't doing that great and I have to say that I'm so proud of them, I'm proud that they did it, they did it without any resources”, says Morrison.

The league began in 1937 and is still active with nine branches around Rotorua.

“It's very important that we never ever forget the ones that actually paved the way for us to be where we are today.”

From her research came this exhibition currently being held at the Rotorua Lakes Council and it closes on the 25 of this month.